Saturday, June 12, 2010

new blog title. thoughts?

So, after much consideration I've changed my blog title. I'm fully aware that this a county song, but thats okay with me. Sometimes I feel like I live in a country song, so maybe its appropriate. Not to mention the word "hallelujah" is a Hebrew word meaning "Praise Yahweh," what an awesome word! My prayer is that I daily live out my "Hallelujah song," or my praises to my Heavenly Father! A lofty goal, but hopefully an attainable one.

My other idea for a new title was "The Climb," you know, like the climb to the top of the mountain, facing struggles daily and overcoming all of the obstacles. Then I decided that paralleling my life with my girl Miley might not be such a great idea. She's not the same "Hannah Montana-girl-next-door" she was a few years ago.

I've also discovered that I have way more friends who are bloggers than I thought. Johnna, Anna, Katherine... the list goes on and on! Katie pointed out today how exciting it is that we can all be so spread out and far away from one another this summer, yet still be so connected and up to date on each others lives! Its like we're never more than a blog post away from one another. And if I can't hear Anna read sunshines every Monday at chapter a blog has to be the next best thing.

ANYWAYS, yesterday and today were two pretty average days at Turkoyz. Other than selling a few pairs of earrings and a purse or two nothing exciting happened, except two unexpected visitors! Lori Beth and Katie Smith! How exciting! Loved catching up with them, I seem to become a hermit whenever I come home to Brandon. And this summer macroeconomics and western civ are taking over my life.

Next week we're taking the high school students to Southside Baptist Church in South Jackson for a mission project. The first part of the day we will be running a basketball camp for local kids, and after lunch we'll be ministering to the local community! I know that God has so much in store for next week and I cannot wait to see! This is sure to be an eye opening experience for all of us, this is a part of Jackson that I am not at all familiar with.

This isn't a super interesting post, but I have successfully procrastinated even more. Now its off to do more homework!



  1. 1. like my shoutout
    2. like the background/new layout
    3. good call not associating this with miley (bless her)
    4. loved seeing you saturday :)

  2. I agree with katie on #2 and #3 even though i do love The Climb.