Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Blog. Ever.

Due to a bit of peer pressure, and the need to feel like I fit in, I'm going to start blogging. Nick is blogging (and vlogging) about his trip to Italy, Mallen is keeping everyone filled in about DC, Katy kept everyone up to date on martin9 last semester, and my two fellow interns, Macy and Dorsey, are bloggers. I follow my friends blogs and twitter accounts, so I figured creating my own blog was the next logical step. I guess I'm a bit late starting since this is week three on staff at FBC Brandon, but I guess better late than never, right?

Our first week was your typical intern work--all the work nobody else wanted to do! We cleaned out closets at the east campus and threw away thirty years worth of junk. Not to worry, we kept all of the important things, such as Softball Trophies and old Bible Drill Bibles. However, the electric drum set from 1994 and the couches crawling with who knows what kind of bugs had to go. Then it was off to Kids Kamp! My cabin of second graders was definitely the best, even if we didn't win the spirit stick. And, on a side note, Kids Kamp made me miss Kanakuk and the beautiful Kountryside more than ever!! Then when we got home from Kamp the other girl interns, Macy and Kristen were in town! Yay! Finally more estrogen! Being the only girl staffer with Kevin, Rushing, Tyler, Spencer, and Chris was starting to get old. Then we did more intern work, but this time at the west campus! We organized and cleaned and now we have shelves with labeled drawers and neat bins! How nice, all it needed was a woman's touch. Thursday we had an intern/staff retreat then TNT! Thursday Night Throwdown Round 1 was a HUGE success. Glow in the dark capture the flag was the most fun I've had in a long long time. Then Friday we went to the MBraves game and had a blast. I love baseball!

We had our first college worship service, Refuge last night and it was great! Turnout was better than expected and I can't wait for the CYPs Bible study tomorrow night! Today me and Kristen got to sit in on a staff meeting! Woo!! We're so powerful now. Officially on staff and running the show-ha! This week the Middle Schoolers are at Student Life in Shocco Springs so the office is going to be slow. We're having a "Nacho Libre" night for TNT this week and tomorrow we get to clean out the vintage nacho machine! How exciting.

Oh, and on a side note-not intern related-I made a 95 on my Macro test! Finally, success in a business class. The fact that the class is a Hinds summer school class is only reinforcing my decision to be a high school teacher, rather than an accountant.

That's all for my first blog, maybe one day I'll be advanced enough to vlog. Who knows, maybe I'll get inspired like "Julie and Julia" and I'll start cooking and blogging about it...?


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