Friday, June 11, 2010

FInally, halfway.

Today is the day. I am officially halfway finished with my 7:30 am Summer School class! Only two more weeks of rising with the sun and fighting traffic to get to class on time! I can hardly contain my excitement. As soon as I take my last test in two weeks its off to the beach for a week with the fam, then on to Student Life at the beach with my favorite group of high schoolers!!

This week has been pretty uneventful in Intern World. With the middle schoolers and most of the staff out of town we haven't had much to do! We did, however, have the joy of cleaning out a "Mucho Nacho" nacho machine that was probably used in the late 1970s and a popcorn machine that had at least 15 years of popcorn grease built up, how fun! Oh, the things we do for TNT. Which, speaking of, was a success. TNT #2, "Nacho Libre" night was great! The movie is no Academy Award winner, but the popcorn, nachos, and pink lemonade were the best Brandon has ever seen. I'm so sad I have to work at the store this week. Yesterday, at noon, Dorsey and Tyler decided to go to Atlanta to meet the middle schoolers at SixFlags! I'm so jealous, and wish I was going too.

I'm also upset that I missed out on lunch with the Middle Schoolers yesterday. They had my (not) favorite, corndogs. Everyone on staff makes fun of me because I referred to LSU fans as "corndogs" and called something in Baton Rouge "corndogy." I would appreciate some support from the Ole Miss fans out there who know our unofficial nickname for our biggest rival.

I also got a new phone yesterday! Its the same ole iPhone 3G model, but it will stay on silent and doesn't have any hairspray build up, well, not yet anyway! But I haven't gotten my numbers to transfer from my computer to my phone just yet, hopefully that will happen sometime today. I think I'll reward myself with a new phone cover since my phone lasted a year and a half without me breaking it! So proud.

Thats all for now, off to the working world.


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