Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kamp—not camp.

This is a little late, oh well.

What is kamp? According to Big Chief, Kanakuk is the land of tall trees, round mountains, and cold water (REALLY cold water). It is a place where Native Americans lived and worshipped the one true God and lived the “I’m Third” lifestyle—God first, others second, I am third. The name Kanakuk even means “the loved one" (how awesome is that?). But after three summers at K-Kountry, the smallest kamp in the Kanakuk family, kamp has become so much more to me than just another summer camp.

Kamp is a safe place, where kids can be kids—enjoying the Creator and His handiwork. It is a place where lifelong friendships are born. Moments of wonder are on the daily agenda--with little eyes lighting up as the Gospel comes to life before their eyes. Bizarre costumes are the norm and tie dye and neon are a part of the dress code. Shouts of laughter and giggling echo through the trees as kids race down zip lines and waterslides. Eyes light up as the Sea Captain battles the evil Red Ape in a story where good always triumphs evil. Kids are honored for their selfless acts of service and dedication to living the I’m Third lifestyle. Koffee Kake is served without Coffee--and it is awesome.  SnailMail is your only connection to the outside world.  Kids pride themselves on becoming Polar Bears and shivering in the middle of July is common. College students jump around yelling at the mention of a single word. Bumblebees are olympic gold medals and birthday celebrations rival royal weddings. Hypeness is a requirement for entering the gates. A monster puppet who lives in a trampoline is every kamper's best friend and a bookworm is the Kamp hero. No task is too great when a friend is in need or kamp is in trouble--even if that means breaking records on the lazy river. Ice cream of some kind is on the menu every day. And at K-Kountry you will find the most loveable, gracious, supportive, and faithful kids, staff, and leadership in the whole world.

I am so incredibly blessed to have spent three summers at the Happiest Place on Earth, and I can't wait to send my little kiddos there one day to experience the wonder and excitement of a place filled with God's love. I made friends that will truly last a lifetme; I also learned so much about faith and walking with the Lord from the people I worked with. Anyone looking for the summer job of a lifetime? It is at Kanakuk Kamps.   Here are some snapshots from this summer.  I'm pretty sure it is illegal (or somtheing like that) to post pictures of kids without permission, therefore, these pictures are all of big kids.    

photo creds to:  Robby Veronesi, Stephanie Scudder, Chelsea Taff, and Anna Alaback    Peace and Blessings, y'all!

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